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The Cart Abandonment Checklist

By Sean Bowkett


5 Minute Read


Abandoned carts are a goldmine for ecommerce businesses, yet most don’t realize their potential. Only 19% of top ecommerce companies take steps to recover abandoned carts, even though those who do can generate 27.67% of their total email revenue from these efforts.


Viewing abandoned carts as a sales opportunity rather than a drawback of running an online store can significantly boost your revenue, reduce marketing spend, and streamline your efforts.


Shoppers who abandon their carts are already interested in your products—they just need a little nudge. Here's how you can give that nudge effectively.

Attention-Grabbing Subject Line


The subject line is crucial to your abandoned cart email campaign as it influences your email open rate. Use a tone that is both urgent and supportive to entice potential customers to open the email. Examples include “Oops, did something go wrong?” or “We can’t hold these items for long!”

Tips for High Open Rates:

  • Keep it Short: Use no more than 7 words or 45 characters to avoid being cut off on mobile devices.

  • Spark Curiosity: Avoid straightforward lines like “Your abandoned cart” and try “Thinking it over? Maybe this will help…”

  • Use Personalization: Adding the recipient’s name, location, or purchase history can make the email feel more relevant.

  • Create Urgency: Phrases like “Limited time offer” or “Last chance to save” can motivate quick action.


Number of Emails

Sending multiple emails (a drip campaign) can improve performance by 25-30%. A typical sequence might convert 8% on the first email, 4% on the second, and 2% on the third, totaling a 14% recovery rate.


Set Ideal Email Frequency

Timing is crucial. Here's an optimal schedule:

  • First Email: 20-30 minutes after abandonment.

  • Second Email: 1-2 days later.

  • Third Email: 2-4 days later.


Include Your Logo & Company Branding

Including your brand logo and colours establishes trust and credibility, making it more likely for recipients to open the email and take action.


Insert Strong Call-to-Action (CTA)

Your primary CTA should link back to the abandoned shopping cart. Ensure it is large, clear, and easy to find, using action-oriented words like “Buy” or “Shop” and creating urgency with phrases like “Secure My Purchase Now.”


Display Images of Cart Items

Personalised emails with product images from the customer’s cart are highly effective. Automate this process to save time and enhance personalisation.


Include Pre-Header Text (Secondary Subject Line)

Use pre-header text to provide additional context and encourage recipients to open the email. Keep it between 35-40 characters, connect it to the subject line, and personalise it.


Ensure Coupon Codes Stand Out

Highlight coupon codes with contrasting colours, clear language, and prominent placement. Offer deadlines to create urgency.


Utilise Persuasive Email Copy

Address common objections and create a sense of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) with urgency and scarcity tactics. This motivates customers to complete their purchase.


Image and Graphics Optimisation

Ensure all images display properly by including alt text, linking images, avoiding background images, and using web-safe fonts.


Properly Format Your Email Design

Place cart items and CTAs above the fold to capture immediate attention. Avoid overusing dividers, use web-safe fonts, and ensure text color contrasts well with the background.


Optimise for Mobile Devices

With many users checking emails on mobile phones, use a responsive design, larger text, and a clear CTA.


Avoid Spam Triggers

Check your email for spam trigger words that could lead to your email being flagged and routed to spam folders.

Contact Information

Ensure contact information is easily accessible and above the fold, along with cart items and CTA.


Include Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Adding reviews and testimonials can give potential customers the confidence they need to complete their purchase.


Always Offer a Way Out

Include an unsubscribe button to show respect for recipients' preferences and improve email deliverability.


Need Help Optimising Your Cart Abandonment Campaigns?


If you’re feeling overwhelmed and want extra help, we’ve got your back. Schedule a demo with us today, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you in maximizing your success with cart abandonment campaigns.

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